Packing & Shipping


Breweries will submit 6 cans or 6 bottles or 2 growlers for each beer entered. No more or no less please.

Step 1: Enter beers in the Brewery Awards Platform system

Step 2: Print system-generated QR code labels and affix to each can/bottle/growler

Step 3: Include an itemized beer list in each shipping box, and keep a copy for your records

Step 4: Ship or drop off packages to regional drop locations (if before announced cut-off date), or directly to central warehouse (if after cut-off date).

Please ensure all beer is packed securely to avoid any damage. We will contact breweries if broken bottles are received, however time may not allow for replacement bottles to be shipped. In an effort to be environmentally conscious, please refrain from using packing peanuts. It’s a mess for everyone involved, including the environment.

If your beer is sent in a special container or cooler, the container or cooler will not be returned.

*If dropping off to a consolodation point brewery*

Ensure that you list your BREWERY NAME, INDIVIDUAL BRAND NAMES (with their quantities) PER BOX. This list should be placed on the inside AND outside of your box(es).
If you are shipping more than one box, state that. LABEL EACH BOX WITH NUMBERS. ie. Box 1 of 3, Box 2 of 3 etc.
Please do not overpack boxes. This leads to breakage and headaches for all involved. 
Overall, please be conscientious and considerate. Pack these items in a way that you’d like to receive them yourself. Consolodation point breweries do this as a favour to their neighbours so that everyone can save on shipping costs. 
**We will not be receiving any beer after the deadlines provided. If your beer arrives after the deadline, your beer will not be returned. Consolidation point breweries are not responsible for returning late submissions. 


Shipping dates and locations for the 2023 Canada Beer Cup to be announced.

For breweries in the Territories and Western provinces:

To come

Beer Intake: To come

For breweries in Ontario and Québec:

To come

Beer Intake: To come

For breweries in the Atlantic Provinces:

To come

Beer intake: To come

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